Saturday, March 18, 2006

Colsoy Youth #1, January 1988

Cosloy Youth was a Houston-based zine that rather than run away from their derivativeness from Gerard's Conflict zine, they embraced it, using Mr. Cosloy's putdown of his imitators as their mission statement and proudly displaying it on their masthead (below). This issue has a massive Sonic Youth interview but since it available over at the Sonic Youth website, I'm just going to put up a page or two so you can see what it looked like (see the badly-scanned pictures basically).

Most important from these zines, I think, are the show reports - so, barring any complaint from Ray and Rob, I'm reprinting those three pages which include a Butthole Surfers report, a Sonic Youth review, Lazy Cowgirls and Divine Horsemen, to name a few.

Masthead with quote from Daddy Cosloy

Three pages from the Sonic Youth Interview - read the whole thing here

Live Review


G said...

I'd only heard about this zine recently- never saw an ish. They certainly don't have much of the same cynical sneering edge that Conflict had- but they weren't NYers were they...BTW I've been diggin this site from the start- keep it up!

Chris Oliver said...

This is the best use of blogger technology since ever.

Ray said...

Wow. Just, uh, fucking wow.

Except for bits of the SY interview, I think most of CY is unreadable now, but my garage flooded years ago and I'm not sure I even have any copies any more.

We sneered as much as was possible from 1980's Houston, which admittedly wasn't very much.

Hey Jim. Jim from DC and, right?